Migratory Times

Migratory Times will construct a transnational architecture for a series of conversations and collaborative public art projects between artists, writers, and researchers at three global sites: Bogotá, Colombia; Manila, the Phillippines; and Jeju, S. Korea. Each of these sites has a particularly resonant history of the migration and displacement of people due to war, colonialism, and genocide, and yet they are largely erased from the global public sphere. Instead, the conversation about migration focuses on the Global North and the impact on the North of recent refugees and asylum seekers. While these are important conversations, for this proposal we take our cue from the “Out of Eden” project. We wish to slow down and go off road in order to consider the times and spaces of migration as situated in and from the Global South.


The core themes of this project:

  • The creativity of communication that occurs through human migration. In particular, we will focus on the linguistic impact of migration and the new forms of language, including spoken, written, visual, and artistic languages, that emerge in migratory times and spaces globally.
  • The gendered dimensions of the political agency and the subjectivity of the traveler
  • The new forms of communication necessitated by the regulation of borders, as well as war and crisis.
  • Historical and Contemporary Contexts of the multiple flows of culture, objects, and ideologies across the Global North and South.


A primary goal of Migratory Times is to build a sustainable global network of artists and researchers who are discussing the gendered dimensions of and the new experiences of time produced by human migration. An equally important goal is to produce, feature, exhibit and create dialogues surrounding original artwork.

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