Community Partners

The core team of the Institute of (Im)Possible Subjects includes co-lead organizers Dalida Maria Benfield (Massachusetts) and Annie Isabel Fukushima (Utah). The co-lead organizers work with a smaller team of individuals to implement meetings, facilitate conversations, discuss research questions and organize events: Michelle Dizon (California), Jane Jin Kaisen (Denmark), tammy ko Robinson (Korea), and Carmen Elise Johnson (Utah).

We have convened meetings with the following organizations: Office for Culture & Design (Philippines), Nha San Collective (Vietnam), at land’s edge (Los Angeles), Utah Museum of Fine Arts, ACME (US), Diasporas Criticas (Ecuador/Spain), Artspace C (Jeju, S. Korea), Dreaming Tree (Korea), and SALASAB (Colombia).

Multiple conversations have been facilitated both in small groups and with Individuals. The following individual scholars and artists have been in conversation with the co-lead organizers (Benfield and Fukushima) and team of of site organizers (Dizon, Robinson, and Kaisen): Renan Laruan, Clara Balaguer, Damali Abrams, Lene Myong Peterson, Annette Markham, Camilo Alvarez, Kiri Dalena, Giselle Mercier, Pedro Pablo Gomez, and Guston Sonding-Kun.


Office of Culture and Design, Manila, Philippines – Read more about our collaborators in Philippines


SALASAB, Bogotá, Colombia – Read more about our collaborators in Colombia

South Korea