The Institute of (Im)possible Subjects (IIS) is a transnational feminist collective of artists, writers, and researchers. The collective produces education and art events and edited online open access journal. The platform of IIS posits a series of interdisciplinary questions surrounding transnational digital cultures and feminism. Building from conversations built over the past twenty years between scholars and artists and activists, from the streets to independent art spaces to college campuses, this online forum pursues questions regarding digital spaces and global racialism/racisms, gender, and labor politics; the transnational exchange of visual cultures and social justice through media and technoscapes; and the intervention of contemporary artists and researchers in (re)defining landscapes of knowledge. This is a project that aims to construct a knowledge commons, framed by women’s voices and experiences in multiple settings.

Learn more about our founding collective: https://instituteofimpossiblesubjectsblog.wordpress.com/the-collective/