Geographies of Displacement

at land’s edge at the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery

How might the gentrification that is taking place in Los Angeles be historicized within legacies of colonialism and related to processes of displacement taking place globally? In what ways are art, artists, art galleries and cultural institutions complicit actors in creating and reinforcing these (neo)colonial patterns? Members of different collectives and organizations, including the North East Los Angeles Alliance, and others will present video and other visual documentation of the creative actions they’ve instigated in their neighborhoods to spread information and excitement about resistance to artwashing and displacement. Panel discussion and open conversation to follow the presentations.

The discussion that emerges from Geographies of Displacement will contribute to Migratory Times, a global art, research, and education initiative to facilitate transnational dialogues on displacement. Migratory Times constructs a translocal architecture for overlapping learning, research, and making circle across diverse sites such as Jeju, South Korea, Bogota, Colombia, and Manila, Philippines. Over the course of 2016-17, learning circles will be convened in person at local sites as well as through virtual networks, using popular education, participatory art, and co-design pedagogies.

at land’s edge is an autonomous pedagogical platform based in East and South Los Angeles that nurtures the voices of cultural producers who are committed to social transformation. We understand pedagogy as not only a method of education, but as a critical space where the processes of teaching and learning, knowledge and action, and self and community are reflexive, interwoven, and oriented toward the liberatory possibilities of a just and democratic world.


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